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Links about Depression

Recent celebrity suicides — Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain — shine a light on something our society generally avoids discussing: depression. In fact, we avoid talking about any sort of mental health issue as if it were the result of a … Continue reading

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Onward Through the Blog…

a doodle for my 400th post from Buller’s Back Porch…

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Thinking ’bout Thinking

Recently, I’ve been thinking about thinking, so I thought I’d do some linking to some thinking about thinking. From brain myths & facts to how magicians trick the brain to emerging evidence for neuroplasticity, here’s a few tidbits to chew … Continue reading

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Late Night Thoughts

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The Fertile Brain

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from the Doodle Dictionary

quote from the Devil’s Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce…

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Links to Think: The Brain Edition

Just a few links to help you think about your brain: Your brain doesn’t contain memories: it is memories “Every sensory experience triggers changes in the molecules of your neurons, reshaping the way they connect to one another. That means … Continue reading

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Help Yourself to Some Self-Care Links

After I’d been presenting my teamwork session at the Brown Schools Ranch for awhile, I was asked to develop a follow-up class, “Team-Building 2,” as it were. I’d start off by asking everyone to write down their top 3 priorities … Continue reading

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Still Here — Still Aging

Granny sent me this birthday card once: It’s your birthday — so, you’re a little older…      (inside) SO WHAT?! So’s everybody else! Still one of my favorites… Tomorrow, September 24, is my birthday — I will celebrate turning … Continue reading

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Total Eclipse

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