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Here We Go Again!

Not much of a post here today — kinda busy enjoying a fantastic weekend in Boulder, seeing old friends, Dead & Company, with a whole host of old — and new! —friends singing & dancing out in audience. Way too … Continue reading

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Twofer Tuesday — Death & Life a la Alan Watts

Alan Watts — philosopher, Zen Buddhist, Episcopalian priest, noted writer and speaker. His thoughts and insights permeated much of the consciousness of the 60’s counter-culture, popularizing Eastern philosophies in Western culture with his book, The Way of Zen, and radio … Continue reading

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“Cost of Living” — Lyrics of Will T. Massey

Another in a series of posts featuring the music and lyrics of Will T. Massey Songwriters talk about writing a “rent-payer” when they pen a song popular enough to earn them royalties for years to come. This early song of Will’s … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2018

Today, we commemorate those who have died while serving in our military. In honor of our fallen soldiers, I offer these two songs today. “Let Them In” Elma Dean, a wife and mother from Oakland, California, wrote this poem during some of … Continue reading

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Thinking ’bout Thinking

Recently, I’ve been thinking about thinking, so I thought I’d do some linking to some thinking about thinking. From brain myths & facts to how magicians trick the brain to emerging evidence for neuroplasticity, here’s a few tidbits to chew … Continue reading

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More of Granddad’s Horse Trading

Recently, I shared a horse trading story my grandfather, G.M.C. Massey, included in his memoirs, one of many. He wrote in detailed anecdotes about some of his horse trading in rural east Texas circa  1890-1900 or so. Working from fragments … Continue reading

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My Heart Belongs to ADDIE

Practitioners of instructional design draw on aspects of learning theory and design thinking to develop effective instruction. Key to the development is the use of a process to identify and address a knowledge or skills gap or performance problem. While there are … Continue reading

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