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Good News, Bad News — Nothing New

Posted on my social media yesterday afternoon: Good news/bad news from my excursion to the spinal specialist in the Springs: nothing indicating surgery (Good!), nothing they can do at this point (bad) — that is, nothing new. Basically, nothing has … Continue reading

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Sliding into September

At long last — September is here! I’ve always loved September. It’s the best month of the year. I mean, first off, it’s my birthday month. It’s also the start of the traditional school year, so it brings a sense … Continue reading

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Adjusting to Semi-Suspended Animation

Update on my back troubles… 6 weeks ago, everything changed suddenly when I found myself stricken with severe sciatic pain shooting down from my hip to my thigh. Since then, I’ve been mostly incapacitated. My mobility remains seriously compromised while … Continue reading

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Flat on my Back —for Weeks to Come

Excerpted from an email sent to a friend, updating him on my health situation: “About 2 weeks ago (July 3) I suddenly had stabbing, shooting pain in my back, down my leg, recognizable as sciatica pain — which I’ve never … Continue reading

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Full Stop — July, 2022 Version

Last year, my brother died at the end of June. My blogging came to a hard stop. This year, it’s me. That is, the reason for the full stop this July, is my sudden but severe incapacitation from severe back … Continue reading

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One Year Without My Brother, Scott

Today marks one year since my brother, Scott Whitebird, died. Of course, he was gone before his body died. He was gone from us as soon as his head hit the tile floor after falling backwards from the first steps … Continue reading

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A Half-Century After High School

My high school class is holding our official 50th Reunion tonight. The Memorial High School Class of ’72 will celebrate a half-century since we parted ways after graduation. I will not be going. I had been planning on it but … Continue reading

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5 Years Here…

Last Monday marked 5 years since we closed on our house here in Cañon City. I already shared how our trajectory towards transformation lead us here. I told you how Casa Dexter relocated to Main Street as part of the … Continue reading

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Reelin’ in the Years

A new gadget arrived for me a day early. I wasn’t expecting it until today but was delighted to get my hands on it yesterday. Having just re-opened a doorway to the past by resurrecting my old record collection, I was … Continue reading

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Please Bear with My Half-Hibernation

Winter makes me sluggish. My inner bear surfaces briefly enough to yawn, scratch my belly, and lie down again. Blog posts become more intermittent, frequently appearing less frequently. We ended last year here in Cañon City with a lovely snowfall … Continue reading

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