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Make of Me a Moral Lesson

Willy Wonka would be proud. Some funeral goers will likely be appalled. Just don’t blame me. It’s not my fault. It’s not even my idea. But it is a great idea. So, I’m stealing it. Not just to repost the … Continue reading

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Songs of Will T. Massey — “The Darkness Now”

One of Will’s later songs that he recorded on his iPhone and sent out to a limited number of people, starting in 2014. I have 11 songs he sent out that way, and six of those are already posted here. … Continue reading

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Flat on my Back —for Weeks to Come

Excerpted from an email sent to a friend, updating him on my health situation: “About 2 weeks ago (July 3) I suddenly had stabbing, shooting pain in my back, down my leg, recognizable as sciatica pain — which I’ve never … Continue reading

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Quick Clips & Silly Spoofs from a King

Alasdair Beckett-King, that is. Who, you might ask? I certainly did after I saw my first short video from this funny fellow. But long before I could try to find anything else about him, I’d already watched a half-dozen of … Continue reading

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Here They Come to Save the Day!

Another in the series of undeveloped ideas, concepts, and works-in-progress that may or may not ever see further development. What the world really needs right now is another group of superheroes here to save the day. Sure, we’ve already got … Continue reading

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Work-in-Progress: Creativity

Part of a larger puzzle I am trying to build, assemble, and turn into a self-directed alternative learning game — FlexQuest — to improve soft skills in student interns. I’ve written about this venture before, as I proposed to present … Continue reading

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Are You Going? — Scarborough Renaissance Festival

Springtime brings sunshine and flowers and merriment and, this year, the revival of annual Renaissance festivals cancelled last year during the dire days of the dawning pandemic. Scarborough Renaissance Festival, located south of Dallas-Ft. Worth, one of the spring fairs … Continue reading

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News You Can Use — Newsletters of Note

To feed the creative fires, it helps to consume copious quantities of creations from a variety of other sources. One of the easiest ways I have found to unearth really good stuff regularly is to subscribe to email newsletters. Admittedly, … Continue reading

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Farewell to Lawrence Ferlinghetti

The legendary Lawrence Ferlinghetti died yesterday, leaving a legacy of literacy and poetry and, of course, San Francisco’s pioneering City Lights bookstore. Aged 101, he loomed large in the city he loved, and his light shone like a beacon of … Continue reading

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Songs of Will T. Massey — “Brand New Game”

Will never released this song to the public, but he did record it and send it out on a private 5-song CD. This video comes from a rare live performance during his 2007 tour of Italy, recorded at Spaziomusica in … Continue reading

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