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Looking Back on Previous Labor Day Posts

Happy Labor Day! Here I let the holiday slip up on me while I was prepping a totally unrelated blog entry to post today. When I finally realized what today was, I figured I’d rather post something more appropriate than … Continue reading

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A Rare Political Post

Generally, I avoid politics out here on the back porch. Today, I feel a need to share something prepared after the 2010 election cycle. Sorry: not sorry  

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Family & Friends

Here are the lyrics to another song I wrote a long while ago. After another long while, maybe I’ll get brave enough to sing it for you… You know it’s always been family & friends Who can tell you how the … Continue reading

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The Noise Around You

Sometimes, I have written songs. Not many and not recently. Here’s one from a while back. Maybe if I get brave enough someday, I’ll sing it for you. Don’t hold your breath. Never take the word of a mute: Even the … Continue reading

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