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When Twice is Not so Nice

1977 sorta sucked for me, basically. It started with the death of a close friend leading to a solitary, broke winter retreat at Bolivar. Then, I spent some time scrambling for cash, working a seismic crew in the coastal marsh … Continue reading

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Holidays and Large Families

My grandfather, G.M.C. Massey, wrote of many people, places, and things in the memoirs he left us in 1960. One of the topics he returned to time and again was family. Family remained close to his heart throughout his life, … Continue reading

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Old & Young Together: Intergenerational Living

Recently, I’ve posted about certain topics I feel we need to talk about, specifically aging and death. Lest you feel I focus too much on such “morbid” topics, here are several links on a related topic that holds out hope … Continue reading

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More of Granddad’s Horse Trading

Recently, I shared a horse trading story my grandfather, G.M.C. Massey, included in his memoirs, one of many. He wrote in detailed anecdotes about some of his horse trading in rural east Texas circa  1890-1900 or so. Working from fragments … Continue reading

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Indian Territory (Oklahoma) & Back Again, 1897

Once again, our guest blogger, G.M.C. Massey (my grandfather) shares a story about traveling to visit relatives in the Indian Territory circa the late 19th Century. When I was 17 years of age I was visiting in OKLAHOMA with my … Continue reading

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An Infatuation (2 versions)

Our guest blogger, my grandfather, G.M.C.Massey wrote multiple versions of some of his stories in the various manuscripts of his memoirs. Here is an instance of 2 versions of the same events — with only one significant variation, leaving the … Continue reading

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Goodbye and Godspeed, Gwen

words won’t bring her back. tears can’t wash away the pain. a hole in my heart… My sweet, wonderful cousin, Gwen died this past week, and is winging away from us now. She had just traveled to San Angelo for … Continue reading

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