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Here They Come to Save the Day!

Another in the series of undeveloped ideas, concepts, and works-in-progress that may or may not ever see further development. What the world really needs right now is another group of superheroes here to save the day. Sure, we’ve already got … Continue reading

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Revisiting an Old Outlaw Friend, Kid Blue

Writing about Larry McMurtry’s recent death and reading tribute articles and the such spun me off into reading and re-reading some of Larry’s work I had sitting around, starting with one of his slim non-fiction volumes, A Literary Life: A … Continue reading

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Sunday: A Day for Inspiration

Often, I turn to the words of others to help heal my hurting heart. Fiction, and especially films, can help provide me with insight & inspiration when the real world seems harsh, dark, menacing and unexplainable. Here’s a trio of movie speeches to provide some Sunday … Continue reading

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One Flew Over a Great Notion

or, Sometimes a Cuckoo Nest… Today would have been Ken Kesey’s birthday, so my twisted title pays tribute to his best known works, his debut novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and the second novel, Sometimes A Great Notion. Lots … Continue reading

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Pity Poor Howard, Trapped in a World He Never Made

Howard the Duck, of course, in case the tag-line in the title did not clue you in. A wise-cracking humanoid duck from another planet, Howard first burst on the Marvel comic book scene as a side character in a 1973 issue … Continue reading

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SuperBetter ’16 — Rule #6: Adopt a Secret Identity

Another in our series of gameful rules for getting SuperBetter Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but I used to be Redwing Dreamseeker. I played my first round of SuperBetter 4 years ago after I had shoulder surgery to repair a major rotator cuff injury, and had months of … Continue reading

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More Books to Read and Re-read

After my prior posting of comments on books I intend to re-read again, I realized there were several others scattered throughout the house on various bookshelves I had forgotten to mention. So here’s a trio of books that are some … Continue reading

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Blocked on Blogging? Read About Writing

As long as I’m blocked on blogging (and no, I don’t want to talk about it), maybe it’s time to list some writing-related links I’ve been saving for just before National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) starts on November 1. No doubt I’ll … Continue reading

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Just Another Day

Some dates jump out at you but most just fall away almost unnoticed. Yesterday’s date, like December 7 or June 6, rings out. Today seems like just another day, pale by comparison. Yet, each day’s history can really prove to be quite … Continue reading

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Texas History — Texas Myth

Is there a difference? I love ’em both and I love how hard it can be to tell them apart sometimes. For the most part, our glorified versions of Texas history remain off-stage and unchallenged. But when you bring them out … Continue reading

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