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Once Upon a House (2)…College Daze

There was never any doubt I would go to college. There was never any real doubt where I would go to college: Austin. Once out of high school, I enrolled at the University of Texas and moved back to Austin, … Continue reading

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A Christmas Eve Angel, 1988

The car started to overheat that Christmas Eve just as I passed 183 on my way out of town. “No!” I cried helplessly. Houston lay over 180 miles away and now it looked like my car wouldn’t even get me … Continue reading

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“Mike’s dead.” The phrase echoed down to the depths of my soul, not just when I first heard the news, but every time I heard it and every time I had to say those words, breaking the bitter news to … Continue reading

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Austin: In & Out of the Box

Even as we completed our Trajectory Towards Transformation six months ago, we knew we were in for a return run to Austin, one way or another. Even with 2 trips in U-Haul trucks, we still could not move all of the accumulated … Continue reading

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My Dog, Squirrel

Squirrel Tooth Alice came right in the front door of college rent house, grinning and wiggling, Mike Eddy just behind her at the door. A sleek lab with so much black a dollop of it spilled out onto her tongue … Continue reading

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“Love Will Make You Do the Strangest Things”

…like get married — years ago! Happy Anniversary to good friends David and Anne Ducharme-Jones! In addition to being life partners for many years, these two partner together in song as well. Over the last several years, I have had … Continue reading

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Family & Friends

Here are the lyrics to another song I wrote a long while ago. After another long while, maybe I’ll get brave enough to sing it for you… You know it’s always been family & friends Who can tell you how the … Continue reading

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