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“Why Don’t We Get Hitched Over Labor Day?”

As I understand it, that was Dad’s ever-so-romantic proposal to Mom back in 1949, delivered in that fine Austin dining establishment, Jake’s, a burger & beer joint. It worked. On September 3, 1949, Nora Dell Massey married Leonard Keith Buller. … Continue reading

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Once upon a fairy-tale wedding

First of 3 posts about our recent trip to England “We can’t go.” Our friends James & Kara had invited us to their wedding — in an English castle, no less, near James’ hometown of Chester. But our finances basically forbid … Continue reading

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SuperBetter ’16 — Rule #7: Go for an Epic Win!

Gameful rule #7 in our series of  for getting SuperBetter I cannot adequately describe the elation I felt back in 2012 parking my old truck and walking in to meet my friend, James, for a beer. Shoulder surgery had left me completely unable to … Continue reading

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SuperBetter ’16 — Rule #5: Recruit Allies

Another in our series of gameful rules for getting SuperBetter “Would you like to play a game?” Let’s face it: you’re going to need help in your push to get superbetter. Everybody needs help — I do, you do, everybody does. … Continue reading

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SuperBetter ’16 — Rule #4: Seek Out and Complete Quests

Continuing our series on getting superbetter… So far I’ve talked about the first 3 gameful rules Jane McGonigal gives us for playing SuperBetter: Challenge yourself. Find and activate Power-ups. Identify and battle the Bad Guys. Rule #4 starts to put it all together … Continue reading

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132 Ways to Waste, I mean, Spend Time on a Saturday

Happy Saturday — the perfect day for whiling away the hours chasing whatever whimsy crosses your mind. So here’s a few rabbit-holes you could fall down into… 5 Tibetan rites, aka “The Fountain of Youth” 6 things you didn’t know about … Continue reading

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“…Ever After…”

Concluding our Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast Romance in 3 Acts Pity the poor person having to knock on our door at the Curtis House the morning after our wedding. The knock on our door startled us out of our post-nuptial bliss. We hardly expected visitors, so … Continue reading

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