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Happy World Laughter Day 2021!

Everybody laughs. It’s fun and it’s good for you. “Laughter is the best medicine” has been bandied about for centuries in one form or another. Now, that proposition has been proven conclusively through clinical research — but most of us … Continue reading

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Brighter Days Ahead

“#!*%&$!” Not sure what specific curse burst from my mouth as I watched the pill kit hit the floor and spill part of its contents. We were packing to head home after our little getaway last week when I had … Continue reading

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Burn, Zozobra, Burn!

How did I not know of this tradition until this week? On the other hand, what better year than 2020 to first learn about Zozobra? This “news” reached me just in time to watch the Fire Spirit consume  & destroy … Continue reading

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Good News at Year’s End!

With all the doom & gloom in the world and on the news and in our social media feeds, it can be good to step back and take a look around for the good news. Truth is, that “doom & … Continue reading

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Handful of Helpful Links

Holidays exhilarate, enrich, energize — and exhaust us, both physically and emotionally. I know you’re busy, so this is just a short list of gifts I bring to share: several hopefully helpful articles about some of the possible stops you … Continue reading

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Get Happy!

Happiness is an inside job. —William Arthur Ward In our Declaration of Independence, we celebrate and venerate “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” — not happiness itself, mind you, but instead, the pursuit of happiness. Through the ages, humans … Continue reading

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“Love Will Make You Do the Strangest Things”

…like get married — years ago! Happy Anniversary to good friends David and Anne Ducharme-Jones! In addition to being life partners for many years, these two partner together in song as well. Over the last several years, I have had … Continue reading

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“Why Don’t We Get Hitched Over Labor Day?”

As I understand it, that was Dad’s ever-so-romantic proposal to Mom back in 1949, delivered in that fine Austin dining establishment, Jake’s, a burger & beer joint. It worked. On September 3, 1949, Nora Dell Massey married Leonard Keith Buller. … Continue reading

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Once upon a fairy-tale wedding

First of 3 posts about our recent trip to England “We can’t go.” Our friends James & Kara had invited us to their wedding — in an English castle, no less, near James’ hometown of Chester. But our finances basically forbid … Continue reading

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SuperBetter ’16 — Rule #7: Go for an Epic Win!

Gameful rule #7 in our series of  for getting SuperBetter I cannot adequately describe the elation I felt back in 2012 parking my old truck and walking in to meet my friend, James, for a beer. Shoulder surgery had left me completely unable to … Continue reading

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