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Brownsville Raid of Sept. 28, 1859

The people of Brownsville, Texas awakened hours before the dawn of September 28, 1859 to the sound of gunshots, thundering hooves, and shouts of “Viva Cheno Cortina! Viva la República Mexicana! Viva Mexico! Mueran los gringos!” A band of over … Continue reading

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Pappa’s Childhood (part 5)

Guest blogger G.M.C. Massey, my grandfather, continues the tale of his childhood in rural East Texas in this next segment from my mom’s edit of his notes, Pappa’s Childhood. I remember when I was 8 years old, my father was boiling off … Continue reading

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Jan-Unk 2017

with apologies to the Roman God of Gateways & Transitions… Happy 2017 everyone!

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To the Tower!

Second of 3 entries about our recent English adventure The day after the wedding in the castle, we headed down to London. I owed Sara this part of our trip since I had the opportunity to spend a few days … Continue reading

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Texas Tales — Tall but True

The final episode of the mini-series Texas Rising, with its “interesting” re-writing of parts of the central canon of Texas history, airs tonight. I’m considering a drinking game based off on noted errors and historical inaccuracies — but I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Texas History — Texas Myth

Is there a difference? I love ’em both and I love how hard it can be to tell them apart sometimes. For the most part, our glorified versions of Texas history remain off-stage and unchallenged. But when you bring them out … Continue reading

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Granddad Goes to School: East Texas, 1886

Once again, our guest blogger — my grandfather, G.M.C. Massey — will take us on another Texas Time Travel, reflecting on his first days of school in late 19th Century East Texas. About this time, the first school in our neighborhood was begun … Continue reading

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