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Ghosts & Blogs of Christmas Past

I’m still a lazy blogger. I’m still struggling to gain momentum in recovering from my incapacitation. So, here’s my lazy offering this Christmas Day: a short collection of memories of Christmases gone by, as well as a few prior back … Continue reading

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Please Bear with My Half-Hibernation

Winter makes me sluggish. My inner bear surfaces briefly enough to yawn, scratch my belly, and lie down again. Blog posts become more intermittent, frequently appearing less frequently. We ended last year here in Cañon City with a lovely snowfall … Continue reading

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A Christmas Collection

Merry Christmas, everyone! ‘Tis the season for Christmas music and Christmas movies and more, so here’s a few suggested reruns from the back porch of Christmas past. Our Favorite Christmas Movies (2019) Goodness knows there are Christmas movies a-plenty to … Continue reading

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‘The days that I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations,I have really good days.” — Ray Wylie Hubbard Happy Thanksgiving! Wherever you are and whatever your circumstances today in 2021, I wish you well and hope you find some … Continue reading

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Juneteenth —Freedom Day

Please note: No one can EVER own another human being.Yes, I state the obvious. But archaic, nonsense phrases like “slave owner” still abound. In this brief piece, I try to refrain from such fallacious descriptors when possible. Today, we celebrate … Continue reading

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Santa at the Psych Center

Hooray for holiday heroes — a huge shout-out to everyone working this Christmas Day, whatever your work may be: clerk, cop, firefighter, military,  hotel staff, or a janitor at any public facility open today. I see you out there — … Continue reading

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Benjamin Franklin’s Dialogue with his Gout

Gout — historically renowned as the “Disease of Kings” or the “Rich Man’s Disease — is, in fact, neither. Take it from me. I am neither rich nor king but I have gout. Most gout sufferers have a genetic predisposition … Continue reading

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Songs of Christmas — A Baker’s Dozen

Nothing sets the stage for the holiday season like seasonal songs. Here are a few of my favorites for your enjoyment featuring everyone from Aaron Neville to John Lennon to classic monster movie heavy Christopher Lee — with a good, … Continue reading

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I’m not usually one to start Christmas early. I love Thanksgiving, and certainly, Sara and I have our reasons to make that a biggie every year. Also, I grew up with my brother’s birthday being December 17. To avoid overshadowing … Continue reading

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Burn, Zozobra, Burn!

How did I not know of this tradition until this week? On the other hand, what better year than 2020 to first learn about Zozobra? This “news” reached me just in time to watch the Fire Spirit consume  & destroy … Continue reading

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