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Top of the World, Tom

RIP Tom Petty, October 20, 1950 – October 2, 2017… I got a room at the top of the world tonight. I can see everything tonight. I got a room where everyone Can have a drink and forget those things That … Continue reading

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Still Here — Still Aging

Granny sent me this birthday card once: It’s your birthday — so, you’re a little older…      (inside) SO WHAT?! So’s everybody else! Still one of my favorites… Tomorrow, September 24, is my birthday — I will celebrate turning … Continue reading

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The Dirtiest Word I Know

Shh! not so loud — someone might hear! this must be whispered, secretly, furtively, the dirtiest word I know: Dead. Oh sure, we can be dead tired or dead broke or dead on our feet or dead to the world, … Continue reading

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Farewell 2016!

The end of any year automatically prompts reflection. With the deaths of so many well-known and beloved musicians, movie stars, and celebrities in 2016, many of us look forward to the coming of the New Year with great anticipation — while still trying … Continue reading

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“Why Don’t We Get Hitched Over Labor Day?”

As I understand it, that was Dad’s ever-so-romantic proposal to Mom back in 1949, delivered in that fine Austin dining establishment, Jake’s, a burger & beer joint. It worked. On September 3, 1949, Nora Dell Massey married Leonard Keith Buller. … Continue reading

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Coming Attraction: Me!

That’s right, off the back porch and onto the main stage! I’m taking a workshop called “Creating a One-Person Show.” Maybe I’m not ready for prime time yet, but you know I’ve got some stories to tell, and my days … Continue reading

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for Paris and Beirut and Kenya…for all of us

My heart is heavy again with the senseless violence we have witnessed this past week. For solace, I turn to my joy — music — and specifically, I often listen to this piece of “musical medicine” from David Wilcox at times like … Continue reading

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