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Inspirational, Insufferable — and, yet, Logical

Go placidly amid the noise and haste, And remember what peace there may be, in silence. If that sounds vaguely familiar, you may even heard a heavenly choir rising behind those spoken words in your memory. If you were alive in … Continue reading

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Found Fragments

As a writer, scribbling random words, brief passages, and tangential thoughts just kinda comes naturally to me, and then I end up with all these scraps of paper I’m afraid to throw out for fear of losing something I once … Continue reading

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Free Stuff

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Sure, there are some give-aways you wish you had never gotten and unsolicited junk mail samples galore. But there are indeed genuine free resources out there, and here’s a list of a few of them. Let’s … Continue reading

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“My Grandfather” by Joanie Whitebird

July 1 was Joanie Whitebird’s birthday — were she alive today, she would be turning 66. I can almost hear her laughing out loud at the thought. Posting this poem of hers seems an appropriate remembrance. my grandfather worked as a … Continue reading

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For Vassar

Once again, I’ll turn to the poetry of others for today’s post. This is a follow-up on the prior poetry posting featuring a poem apiece by Vassar Miller and Joanie Whitebird. This poem is Joanie’s tribute to her good friend as run by the … Continue reading

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Two Poets — Two Poems

turning the blog over to the words of two poets today: J. Whitebird and Vassar Miller  J. Whitebird (“poemail” postcard, 1990) COMING HOME by Vassar Miller (Small Change, Wings Press, 1976) I quit waiting up for myself, slop over in a burp … Continue reading

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