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“Let the words be yours — I’m done with mine.”

A modern American hero died this week — farewell to John Perry Barlow: poet, essayist, cyber-libertarian, song lyricist, cattle rancher and all-around amazing adult. I’d rather not try to write any more words about such an incredible writer. There are … Continue reading

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“An Honest Lawyer!”

Our frequent guest blogger, G.M.C. Massey — my grandfather — wrote in his memoirs of some characters who left him with lifelong impressions. I will now endeavor to explain why JOHN BEAVERS Life: Even though he was a lawyer, had such an … Continue reading

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Me and ACTV — an Affair to Remember

Intrigued by some independent films I saw on public TV, I started making short, little movies as a teen, using our family’s 8mm Bell & Howell camera. By high school, I passed off some of these films for major assignments, and earned a … Continue reading

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Granddad Goes to Washington…well, almost

Once again, please welcome my grandfather, G.M.C. Massey as a guest blogger with another memoir excerpt. Back in east Texas, in 1910, I was living in the THIRD Congressional District and Gordon Russell, Was the representative of that District, And he … Continue reading

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