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“Let the words be yours — I’m done with mine.”

A modern American hero died this week — farewell to John Perry Barlow: poet, essayist, cyber-libertarian, song lyricist, cattle rancher and all-around amazing adult. I’d rather not try to write any more words about such an incredible writer. There are … Continue reading

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Casa Dexter Moves to Main Street

“What’s Casa Dexter?” people ask me after seeing my name tag. That question has two responses: a) Professional response: “A digital publishing house.” b) Comic response: “My house.” Both answers are true, though b) used to be “truer.” See, Casa Dexter … Continue reading

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6 Steps to Unplug Your Vacation

Step 1: Pack a “tech bag” with the Mac Air, the iPad, extra hard drive, iPhone tripod mount, charging cables and 3 thumb drives. Step 2: Place tech bag near door for loading into car with luggage. Step 3: Load … Continue reading

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The Land of A-Ha’s

I seek the Land of A-Ha’s: that mystical realm of realizations, revelations and epiphanies where what you don’t know meets and mingles with what you what you do. Austin enjoys a reawakening of creativity every March, affording 2 opportunities for … Continue reading

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I hate technology…I love technology…

It’s an ongoing struggle. I’ve even referred to myself as a high-tech Luddite. Of course, what this really means is that when the technology works, I love it — especially if it works effortlessly. When it doesn’t work — or … Continue reading

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