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Bookman, Pass By

Farewell to Larry McMurtry, a true man of letters and a giant in the field of Texas and western literature. From his first novel, Horseman, Pass By (re-titled “Hud” for the movie, uh, variation) to the legendary Lonesome Dove tales … Continue reading

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Texans, Imported & Exported

Legendary songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker died last Friday after battling throat cancer. He and his music had a huge influence on me, and I considered blogging about that. But so many other people, including fellow musicians and songwriters, already have … Continue reading

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Happy Texas Independence Day!

184 years ago today, a brave — possibly foolhardy — band of men gathered in the small settlement of Washington-on-the-Brazos and signed the Texas Declaration of Independence.  Soon, they would be fleeing for their lives from the oncoming armies of … Continue reading

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To Torture a Texan…

Unk sez… Stay tuned…

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Onward Through the Blog…

a doodle for my 400th post from Buller’s Back Porch…

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Horses, Colts & Mules — East Texas Trading circa early 1900’s

Continuing our run of my Grandfather’s guest posts about horse trading, taken from his memoirs of rural life east Texas during the late 19th and early 20th Century. And at another time I had bought a man’s entire crop Cotton, … Continue reading

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Once Upon a House — Part 1

I started this as a simple list of the various houses and places I have lived. But with nearly every place, I found myself wanting to explore that memory a bit more…and more…and more…until the list grew into several separate … Continue reading

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Back Porch in the Rear View, 2017

The end of the year is awash in people’s lists: 10 Best Movies, Top 10 International News Stories, 12 Stories You Missed, and the like. So why not a list of stories told on the Buller Back Porch this past … Continue reading

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Dead & Company: Texas Two-Step, Dec 2017

We got lucky in Texas. Right after our double-date with Dead & Company last weekend, John Mayer needed an emergency appendectomy, forcing postponement of the final 3 dates of the tour. He is now recovering in good spirits and the shows … Continue reading

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Brownsville Raid of Sept. 28, 1859

The people of Brownsville, Texas awakened hours before the dawn of September 28, 1859 to the sound of gunshots, thundering hooves, and shouts of “Viva Cheno Cortina! Viva la República Mexicana! Viva Mexico! Mueran los gringos!” A band of over … Continue reading

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