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What’s the big ID?*

*Instructional Design I recently explained how I more or less backed into my profession of instructional design, or ID  — as in “I had no ID how to train those people properly” perhaps. Let me explain a little more about instructional design, starting … Continue reading

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Unbundling — and Re-Bundling — Learning

One of the SXSWedu sessions I sketchnoted was “Here Comes Prof. Everybody” and one of the phrases that caught my attention described how developments such as Coursera and Fedora promote the “unbundling of teaching.” Technology now allows teachers to  reach … Continue reading

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Once upon a Team…

Pssst…wanna know the secret of teamwork? Sure you do… Teams help individual humans overcome our many limitations. Our ability to work together in teams to reach a common goal evolved naturally to reward cooperation and collaboration. Teams — from amateur and professional sports … Continue reading

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Heifer for the Holidays

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Volunteering in aid efforts during the Spanish Civil War, Ohio farmer Dan West was ladling rations … Continue reading

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3 Intriguing Words

Recently, I received an inquiry from someone seeking to connect with me in my role as a long-term instructional designer. Three words she used in particular made me smile. “Amateur” — she identified herself as an “amateur instructional designer” — which … Continue reading

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3 Storytelling Secrets for Learning Projects

Incorporating elements of storytelling into teaching and training provides a narrative thread as well as emotional anchoring for the learner, both key to retaining important knowledge. As an instructional designer, I try to include elements of storytelling in my projects to engage the … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, back at the Ranch…

Love that phrase! Especially loved using it appropriately during the 15 years I worked at the Brown Schools Ranch Treatment Center (now Texas Neurorehab Center). I started as a Mental Health Worker on Lariat, a locked living unit for individuals … Continue reading

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