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SXSWedu 2017 doodle-notes (Part 2)

…continuing with last week’s doodle-notes from the Land of A-Ha’s: SXSWedu. Wednesday Tim Ferriss: Secrets of Accelerated Learning and Mastery The Challenge of Curation Next Generation Transmedia Learning Ecosystems How to Make Awesome Educational Videos The Premise & Promise of Hybrid Higher … Continue reading

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A Rare Political Post

Generally, I avoid politics out here on the back porch. Today, I feel a need to share something prepared after the 2010 election cycle. Sorry: not sorry  

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Casa Dexter Bulletin Board

Confession: most of my blog entries are not actually written on the Back Porch. Oh, sure, I start out there sometimes, making notes or outlines, but almost all of the writing actually takes place inside at my desk. I tipped you off to that … Continue reading

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Memories of Monterey

“3 days of understanding…. Of moving with one another… Even the cops grooved with us — Do you believe me, yeah? Down in Monterey…” The Monterey International Pop Festival held June 16-18, 1967 proved a pivotal event in American music, helping to … Continue reading

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Songs of Summers Gone By: late 60s edition

June kicks off summer — never mind the solstice. Always used to be there was a “hit of the summer” on the radio each year. Sometimes, it was just one song everybody loved. More often, though, there was more than one so you could choose your … Continue reading

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Made My First Million!

Eyeballs, that is. That is the internet currency, correct? Not the number of engaged individuals but the number of eyeballs viewing your stuff. So 500,000 views on my YouTube channel, Casa Dexter, makes for a million eyeballs. Yes, I know a … Continue reading

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Twofer Tuesday: 2 Songs

Allow me to introduce the Ducharme-Jones Band and their debut album, Strangest Things, officially released just last Friday. David and Anne write and play original Americana roots-rock music with a South Austin flair. Here’s a video twofer of live performances of two … Continue reading

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