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Careful What You Ask For

I recently wrote about my disappointment in not getting a forecast “snow day.” I should have known better. Within just a few days of posting that piece, we did get enough snowfall to warrant taking a snow day. Not enough … Continue reading

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Snow Day? No Way!

For over a week, I’d been keeping an eye on yesterday’s weather forecast that showed snowfall lasting all day long, Time to hunker in the bunker — snow day! That’s not what happened. Oh, sure, we started seeing some flurries … Continue reading

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Hunkered in the Bunker

We’re already mostly homebound here, both by choice and by continued pandemic safety precautions, but today and tomorrow’s wintry blast is hitting us hard, even here in Cañon City, the Climate Capital of Colorado. We’re warmer (by degrees) than our … Continue reading

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Twofer Tuesday: What Granny Told Me…

I’m turning over today’s blog to Granny, our newest old doodle buddy. No, this doesn’t really look like her but we all know I can’t draw. Maybe more practice is in order — certainly Granny imparted pearls of wisdom like … Continue reading

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East Texas Weather Report — December 1897

G.M.C. Massey, my grandfather, provides this winter weather warning: don’t forget your shoes. Another thing that demands attention at this time is a freak weather action. Along in December 1897 the weather had been very warm and murky for several … Continue reading

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“It never gets cold in Austin”

The story of our romance continues now with Act 2, Part 5… That’s what I told Sara as we headed back to Texas. It’s not my fault that my statement was followed by a week of freezing weather in Austin. That’s … Continue reading

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I’ve seen fire & I’ve seen floods…

Massive storms raged through Texas and Oklahoma over the Memorial Day weekend, with tornadoes, damaging winds, and torrential rains. Flash floods occur frequently in the Hill Country of Central Texas, where multiple watersheds lace the southeasterly tilt of the entire state. When storms … Continue reading

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SNOW on the back porch!

It’s a rarity to be sure — and it’ll be gone by this afternoon mostly. Still, we awoke to snow here in beautiful Austin, Texas. What that meant, of course, is that the whole city simply shut down. AISD triggers … Continue reading

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