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Hundreds & Hundreds & Hundreds

800, to be exact. Yes, this is the 800th blog post from the Buller Back Porch. Sounds impressive until you realize that’s 800 posts over 11 years. So, it’s not like that’s 800 posts in a row, or even in … Continue reading

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In Re: Your Comments

Mostly, when I blog, I’m writing for my favorite reader, me. Sorry, dear readers, but you barely merit a passing thought, even should one come knocking on my brain’s door. Oh, I pay close attention to my viewership stats. I … Continue reading

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Moving Forward, Looking Back

Writing is inherently retrospective. Much of this blog pulls on my memories as well as my grandfather’s memoirs and Will T. Massey’s recorded songs. All look backward. But I want to keep moving forward. In the wake of my brother’s … Continue reading

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Off the Hook

Ever get stuck just getting started?Like I wrote about recently?And then you get to feeling overdue in meeting a perceived obligation?Like you really need to do something you keep putting off? Yeah, me, too. Like this blog post. WordPress ever … Continue reading

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“Not with a Bang…

…but a whimper.”           — T.S. Eliot So ends the 2020 edition of Buller’s Back Porch. Some bloggers and writers pull out all the stops for a year-end finale, wrapping up their year with a Top 10 list, or some … Continue reading

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Dear WordPress.Com

Does it LOOK like I wanted a new interface for composing blog entries? Blocks? Modes? Huh? More importantly — WHY? As a Luddite — “high-tech Luddite,” admittedly — suddenly dealing with unexpected interface alterations offering questionable improvements with superfluous “features” … Continue reading

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Slipping Past 600

Oops. I had intended today’s entry to commemorate 600 blog posts here, but, you might say a funny thing happened on the way to the back porch. Last Friday, I published a draft of a piece I’ve been working on … Continue reading

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Beyond Blogger’s Block

Recently, I’ve slowed the pace of my blog postings here. Not that I have ever adhered to any sort of “schedule” for putting something here. Let’s face it, the “back porch” aspect of the blog’s title betrays the informal nature … Continue reading

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This Blog Left Intentionally Blank

or: It’s my back porch & I’ll blog if I want to! Once upon a blog post circa 2015…Déjà vu all over again — I’ll be back when I have something more to share. Enjoy!

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500 posts — and counting

There’s something about the big numbers. The round numbers, like 500. They automatically demand attention. And there’s something in me that makes me want to make something like this 500th blog entry here on Buller’s Back Porch be Something Special. … Continue reading

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