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Quick Clips & Silly Spoofs from a King

Alasdair Beckett-King, that is. Who, you might ask? I certainly did after I saw my first short video from this funny fellow. But long before I could try to find anything else about him, I’d already watched a half-dozen of … Continue reading

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Films, Films, Films — One World, Many Movies

Tribeca Enterprises, YouTube, and a number of the world’s most prestigious films festivals have joined together to offer a free 10-day event called “We Are One: A Global Film Festival.” Organized to benefit the World Health Organization’s Covid-19  Solidarity Response … Continue reading

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Video Echo, or Some Clips Never Die

So, um, when you made “Don’t Touch That Dial,” did you ever dream it would be an opening act for a feature film about Mr. Rogers? Because it was. It started as a video experiment, an idea inspired by the … Continue reading

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Will T. Massey — “Bonus Tracks” 2015-2016

One of the fantastic features of CD re-issues of older albums has been the inclusion of “bonus tracks.” Be they alternate takes of already unreleased songs or tracks left unreleased for whatever reason, getting these felt a bit like an … Continue reading

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Curses! Censored Again!

Once again, my creative voice has been squelched by the oppressive forces of darkness. Just this morning, I received the following notice: This refers to a comedy sketch I videotaped for the Better Than TV (BTTV) Players years ago and … Continue reading

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SXSWedu 2018 in the Rear View Mirror

Once again, the “hidden” portion of SXSW has come and gone. SXSWedu may draw educators, students, and educational technology companies from around the globe, but it rarely draws attention in Austin the week before the “real” SXSW. The music, film, … Continue reading

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Christmas Comin’ At Ya!

It’s the holiday season, folks, and for the first time in years, I am missing out entirely on the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. As we approach our first Colorado Christmas, I’m feeling a little homesick and nostalgic, so here’s a look … Continue reading

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“Love Will Make You Do the Strangest Things”

…like get married — years ago! Happy Anniversary to good friends David and Anne Ducharme-Jones! In addition to being life partners for many years, these two partner together in song as well. Over the last several years, I have had … Continue reading

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A Rare Political Post

Generally, I avoid politics out here on the back porch. Today, I feel a need to share something prepared after the 2010 election cycle. Sorry: not sorry  

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Casa Dexter Bulletin Board

Confession: most of my blog entries are not actually written on the Back Porch. Oh, sure, I start out there sometimes, making notes or outlines, but almost all of the writing actually takes place inside at my desk. I tipped you off to that … Continue reading

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