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Songs of Christmas — A Baker’s Dozen

Nothing sets the stage for the holiday season like seasonal songs. Here are a few of my favorites for your enjoyment featuring everyone from Aaron Neville to John Lennon to classic monster movie heavy Christopher Lee — with a good, … Continue reading

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I’m not usually one to start Christmas early. I love Thanksgiving, and certainly, Sara and I have our reasons to make that a biggie every year. Also, I grew up with my brother’s birthday being December 17. To avoid overshadowing … Continue reading

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Armadillo Christmas Bazaar 2018 — Weekend 2

One great thing about the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar — it’s never too late for last-minute shopping. Well, almost never too late — the Bazaar is open daily 11am to 10pm, including Christmas Eve. A good thing, too — for years, … Continue reading

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Home with the Armadillo for the Holidays!

It’s the first weekend of the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar 2018. Y’all oughta go — ‘cuz I can’t and boy, do I miss it. It’s like a reunion of old friends rather than just family, with plenty of arts & crafts, … Continue reading

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Christmas Comin’ At Ya!

It’s the holiday season, folks, and for the first time in years, I am missing out entirely on the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar. As we approach our first Colorado Christmas, I’m feeling a little homesick and nostalgic, so here’s a look … Continue reading

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Visions of James Darsey Nelson

“Anybody could do this if they just took the time to practice,” my new neighbor, Jim, said shortly after we met. We were sitting in his tiny trailer  in the shadow of a huge bluff 100 feet away, sipping cheap instant coffee, … Continue reading

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“It never gets cold in Austin”

The story of our romance continues now with Act 2, Part 5… That’s what I told Sara as we headed back to Texas. It’s not my fault that my statement was followed by a week of freezing weather in Austin. That’s … Continue reading

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“The Dillo Shall Rise Again!” and Again and Again…

Tomorrow, the 40th anniversary of the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar begins, open daily from 10am to 10pm until Christmas Eve at Austin’s Palmer Events Center. Christmas season officially starts for me with opening day of the bazaar. Originally started at the legendary Armadillo World Headquarters (AWHQ), … Continue reading

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Show Me the Video!

In my recent post about my love affair with ACTV in the 80s, I somehow included only one video you could view directly. As someone who believes in the storytelling principle “Show, don’t Tell,” that made little sense. So here’s a few tidbits from … Continue reading

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Top 5 Casa Dexter Videos

Welcome to Casa Dexter! Count down our top view-getters on the Casa Dexter YouTube channel! 5) “La Ti Da” Marcia Ball Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, 1987 Austin’s own Cajun Queen of the Keyboards, Marcia Ball (our neighbor!), still plays regularly at … Continue reading

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