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Curses! Censored Again!

Once again, my creative voice has been squelched by the oppressive forces of darkness. Just this morning, I received the following notice: This refers to a comedy sketch I videotaped for the Better Than TV (BTTV) Players years ago and … Continue reading

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Show Me the Video!

In my recent post about my love affair with ACTV in the 80s, I somehow included only one video you could view directly. As someone who believes in the storytelling principle “Show, don’t Tell,” that made little sense. So here’s a few tidbits from … Continue reading

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Casa Dexter Hits 400

Casa Dexter just hit a grand total of 400 uploads! I started out posting clips from my ACTV community access producer days in the 80’s — “fossilized videos,” as I called them.  More recently, I’ve been adding newer videos, mostly live … Continue reading

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