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Happy Birthday to Me!

Birthdays naturally trigger memories, especially if you’re 65. Holy shit, I’m 65? how did THAT happen? Though I do not actually remember my first birthday, I have black & white home movie footage of my 1st birthday party my folks … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to — ME!

Once upon a time, I was one of those people who hid his birthday. One year in college, my gloomy roomie, Jacque, was feeling depressed and facing some tough times in her immediate future. One of our mutual friends suggested, “Let’s throw her a birthday … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Lucas!

Today is my son’s birthday — Lucas joined us on January 28, 1993, and nothing has been the same since. Parents get embarrassingly nostalgic on a child’s birthday, even long after the child grows up and moves on — memories are … Continue reading

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3 Stages of Boomers at 60

Happy Birthday to ME! Today I turn 60 — a momentous occasion to be sure. As part of the Baby Boomer tsunami, I join thousands of other “forever young”-sters as we gracelessly age. It’s been said we boomers face this … Continue reading

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