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Ghosts & Blogs of Christmas Past

I’m still a lazy blogger. I’m still struggling to gain momentum in recovering from my incapacitation. So, here’s my lazy offering this Christmas Day: a short collection of memories of Christmases gone by, as well as a few prior back … Continue reading

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A Christmas Collection

Merry Christmas, everyone! ‘Tis the season for Christmas music and Christmas movies and more, so here’s a few suggested reruns from the back porch of Christmas past. Our Favorite Christmas Movies (2019) Goodness knows there are Christmas movies a-plenty to … Continue reading

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Santa at the Psych Center

Hooray for holiday heroes — a huge shout-out to everyone working this Christmas Day, whatever your work may be: clerk, cop, firefighter, military,  hotel staff, or a janitor at any public facility open today. I see you out there — … Continue reading

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Granddad’s Boyhood Holidays

My grandfather, G.M.C. Massey, grew up in rural East Texas in the latter part of the 19th Century. His memoirs,  which I often feature excerpts from here, offer a personal glimpse into the past. Here, he talks about how restrictive … Continue reading

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I’m not usually one to start Christmas early. I love Thanksgiving, and certainly, Sara and I have our reasons to make that a biggie every year. Also, I grew up with my brother’s birthday being December 17. To avoid overshadowing … Continue reading

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Cue the Christmas Spirit!

The holidays are upon us. No doubt some of you already decorated your Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and  preparing all the celebratory markings of the season ever since. Maybe you’ve already been listening to Christmas music to get … Continue reading

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When Twice is Not so Nice

1977 sorta sucked for me, basically. It started with the death of a close friend leading to a solitary, broke winter retreat at Bolivar. Then, I spent some time scrambling for cash, working a seismic crew in the coastal marsh … Continue reading

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A Christmas Eve Angel, 1988

The car started to overheat that Christmas Eve just as I passed 183 on my way out of town. “No!” I cried helplessly. Houston lay over 180 miles away and now it looked like my car wouldn’t even get me … Continue reading

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My Back Story with Ralphie

Another Christmas brings another round-the-clock marathon of A Christmas Story with Ralphie, Flick, Schwartz, the Old Man, the “major award,” and, of course, the Red Ryder BB Rifle. Since the film’s release in 1983, Americans have come to know Ralphie and … Continue reading

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The Legend of Anti-Claus

Some say he’s a myth. He hasn’t been seen in years. Spotted exclusively in Austin, Texas during the 1980s, he disappeared as mysteriously as he had arrived on the scene. There are no pictures and memories are sketchy at best. … Continue reading

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