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We interrupt this blog for this important message…


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Back Porch in the Rear View, 2017

The end of the year is awash in people’s lists: 10 Best Movies, Top 10 International News Stories, 12 Stories You Missed, and the like. So why not a list of stories told on the Buller Back Porch this past … Continue reading

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Trajectory Towards Transformation: Part 3 — Scouting Expedition #1

For a couple of years prior to our launching on our Trajectory Towards Transformation, I’d been fighting late night financial despair demons plaguing my thoughts by cruising on-line realty sites like Zillow. So I had a pretty good idea of … Continue reading

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Back Porch on the Road

You haven’t heard much from the back porch this past week since we’ve been traveling. We are on our way back from Colorado now, so the back porch posts will return soon. Meanwhile, enjoy our view from the road…

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Unplugged vacation, Part 2


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