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Creative Mornings Manifesto — illustrated!

Creative Mornings has a written manifesto that summarizes the beliefs that drive our members as well as the organization itself. We kick off every monthly Creative Mornings Austin (CMATX) meeting with a reading of this statement, our “pledge of allegiance” of … Continue reading

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Doodle Playground #2 in the Rear View

It’s been over a week since I previewed my second pop-up doodle playground for a Creative Mornings Austin Field Trip so it’s time for quick peek in the rear view before moving forward. I’d love to say I was more … Continue reading

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9 Creative Mornings Doodles from 2016

As I’ve told you before: I can’t draw, so I doodle. Here then are my doodle-notes from the Creative Mornings Austin meetings I managed to make in 2016. Along with the doodles, I’ve also listed the speaker, the location, that morning’s musical performer, … Continue reading

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Twas the Day Before the Doodle Playground…

And I am busily trying to both prepare for leading this Creative Mornings Field Trip and procrastinate the particular tasks I should address to get ready. It has been awhile since I led a workshop, much less something more free-form … Continue reading

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I STILL Can’t Draw!

That doesn’t stop me from doodling, though, as I’ve told you before. I’ve been doodling for a couple of years now, usually during various gatherings, conferences, or meetings. By sharing those doodles openly, I also seemed to have gained a bit of … Continue reading

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Re-viewing Aralyn and Austin

Recently, I wrote of a double-delight day with a morning that started out in a bar, the Highball, with Aralyn Hughes and about 100 Austin creatives, and my evening started off with Austin Kleon’s combination homecoming & book-signing for his new Steal … Continue reading

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3 Shots of Creative Mornings

After my double-fun on Friday, I figured I’d share some more about Creative Mornings. I already told you the basics, though, so I figured the next best thing to do would be to use our current version of the Time … Continue reading

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Friday on the Way — Fun with Aralyn and Austin

My Friday features a couple of fun events with some of the folks who keep Austin alive. Firstly, there’s the monthly Creative Mornings meeting. One Friday morning every month, dozens of creatives of all kinds — artists, musicians, photographers, web designer, … Continue reading

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Doodle(d) & Release(d)

I lost my doodle sketchbook last week. You know how I love to doodle — I create sketchnotes of various presentations I attend, and sometimes share those via either this Back Porch blog here, or Twitter. When I finally found a perfect pocket-sized sketchbook I could … Continue reading

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