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3 Livestreams This Weekend

This is a blatant plug for 3 livestreams this weekend that feature some of our favorite musicians, 1 for free, 2 that require payment — that we will gladly pony up for these folks. The fun starts Friday night and … Continue reading

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Living on Virtual Live Music

It’s been over a year since our first COVID fatality here in the United States. Over 500,000 American deaths later, we are all still reeling from the effects of the spreading contagion even as we await vaccinations and, hopefully, reaching … Continue reading

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Sick Call

I hate being sick. That’s exactly what I have been since Monday. And while I may have thought it was just a sinus infection or a cold at first, it seems all too obvious by now that I am battling … Continue reading

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for Paris and Beirut and Kenya…for all of us

My heart is heavy again with the senseless violence we have witnessed this past week. For solace, I turn to my joy — music — and specifically, I often listen to this piece of “musical medicine” from David Wilcox at times like … Continue reading

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David Wilcox Shows the Way

“You say you see no hope. You say you see no reason we should dream…” From Kerrville to Asheville with stop-offs at small & large stages in Austin, my wife, Sara, and I have been following David Wilcox since shortly after we … Continue reading

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