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Resurrecting my Record Collection

My son gave me a turntable for Christmas. It took me until this past week to set it up, as I had to clear space in my cluttered room for a table to hold it. I also needed to see … Continue reading

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Scott, My Brother & Musical Pied Piper (part 1)

Although neither of our parents played music, we grew up hearing it. Dad listened to Nat King Cole and Spike Jones and Mom hummed hymns and sang along with the radio. They bought a piano and signed both Scott and me … Continue reading

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Facing Forward

Welcome to the 2021 edition of the Back Porch! This also marks the start of my second decade blogging from my metaphorical back porch. Given my first blog only ran for about 3 months and my second for one calendar … Continue reading

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Day of the un-Dead

About this time, I should be sweltering in the sun amidst the growing crowd in Folsom Field, waiting for our second show of the weekend from Dead & Company. Of course, due to COVID cancellations, that is not what I’m … Continue reading

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Declaring Independence

I usually celebrate the 4th of July by declaring my independence from crowds and parades and mass celebrations by staying home. Not an issue, this year, of course, with subdued celebrations due to the ongoing pandemic. No, I’ve never been … Continue reading

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Robert Hunter — Beyond the Dead

It’s been a week since Robert Hunter died, a week filled with tributes, retrospectives, memorial concerts, and countless anecdotes shared for the first or 100th time. Most of the hoopla has naturally surrounded his pivotal role in the Grateful Dead. … Continue reading

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Dead Run intermission: Grateful Dead, Freedom Fighters

Happy Independence Day! Halfway through this year’s Texas-Colorado Dead run, I’m back home in Cañon City for the 4th of July. It’s a welcome day off from traveling. Tomorrow, it’s off to Boulder for the 2-day run to close the … Continue reading

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Dead Run 2019

Once again, I’m off on another Dead run adventure. I’ve shared a few stories about those before. First step today: fly to DFW and meet up with friends.   Tonight, we hop on the bus again at the Dos Equis … Continue reading

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Mother’s Little Playlist

It’s Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, so here’s a few songs for your weekend’s soundtrack. Mind you, my mom’s been gone over 14 years now, so this is a more of a playlist of mother-related rock & roll songs of … Continue reading

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Remembering John Perry Barlow

It was John Perry Barlow’s birthday on Thursday— his first one since dying earlier this year. Some might consider this post would have been more timely if posted two days ago, but I kinda figure death eliminates time entirely, especially … Continue reading

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