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Forward into the Future!

Today marks 6 months since I got laid low by an injury of unknown source. In the months since then, I’ve blogged quite a bit less than I had been previously doing. Most of my time & energy has been … Continue reading

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Imagine That!

Headlines screamed these words millions of times starting in 2020: “Unimaginable!” “Unthinkable!” The COVID pandemic caught us all off-guard, with global consequences: unimaginable levels of contagion with millions of dead worldwide, triggering unthinkable interventions like border lockdowns, and schools and … Continue reading

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Twofer Tuesday: Dan Roam & Ben Jones

This week promises two exciting events I want to share with you here. The Pop-Up Pitch: The Two-Hour Creative Sprint to the Most Persuasive Presentation of Your Life Dan Roam, author of “Back of the Napkin” and several other modern … Continue reading

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Facing Forward

Welcome to the 2021 edition of the Back Porch! This also marks the start of my second decade blogging from my metaphorical back porch. Given my first blog only ran for about 3 months and my second for one calendar … Continue reading

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Countdown Commencing…

Less than 2 weeks remain until I return to SXSWedu again. I’m excited about returning to what I describe as the “Land of A-Ha’s” where creativity and learning come together in a dazzling display of keynote talks, featured speakers, panel … Continue reading

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Game Your Way to a Good Day

Hearkening back to Jane McGonigal‘s SuperBetter, I decided to doodle out a map of her formula for a “Good Day” for a personal reminder. 3 Power-ups + 1 Bad Guy battled + 1 Quest completed = 1 Good Day My doodle-map … Continue reading

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Made my Marathon-in-a-Month!

Actually, I completed the 26.2 miles a couple of days ago. Yes, this was a marathon with multiple breaks for eating, sleeping, and everything else involved in a typical day, and it took me 19 days to complete it. I suppose … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Million Mile Month & SuperBetter

A week ago, I wrote of my goal as a participant for the Million Mile Month (April): to walk a marathon in a month — by walking a little bit each (or most days) to total the 26.2 miles. Well, one … Continue reading

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SXSWedu 2026— Learning in the Future

Yes, we’re back to the future as forecast during Jane McGonigal‘s recent SXSWedu talk,  How to Think (and Learn) Like a Futurist. I’ve written quite a bit about about Jane before, and mentioned how excited I was to hear her speak … Continue reading

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Scoring SuperBetter to Win Your Life

Completing our series on getting superbetter — for now! In the last set of blog posts here, I’ve examined the 7 Gameful Rules of SuperBetter. Applying those rules to any struggle in life can help you develop the resiliency needed to rise up … Continue reading

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