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“Learning to Fail with Style & Grace” — SXSWedu 2015

Previously, I shared my sketchnote from this session at the 2015 SXSWedu conference. Here’s a bit of an explanation to guide you through that sketchnote. The session is also available as a podcast if you want to listen along. In our … Continue reading

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3 Storytelling Secrets for Learning Projects

Incorporating elements of storytelling into teaching and training provides a narrative thread as well as emotional anchoring for the learner, both key to retaining important knowledge. As an instructional designer, I try to include elements of storytelling in my projects to engage the … Continue reading

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Looking to Learn?

Well, learn by looking with graphic novels & illustrated texts! In the recent graphic novel, Neurocomic, Dr. Matteo Farinella & Dr. Hana Roš take us on an adventure inside the brain. We follow an unnamed fellow who accidentally falls into one … Continue reading

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The Land of A-Ha’s

I seek the Land of A-Ha’s: that mystical realm of realizations, revelations and epiphanies where what you don’t know meets and mingles with what you what you do. Austin enjoys a reawakening of creativity every March, affording 2 opportunities for … Continue reading

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