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Happy Texas Independence Day!

184 years ago today, a brave — possibly foolhardy — band of men gathered in the small settlement of Washington-on-the-Brazos and signed the Texas Declaration of Independence.  Soon, they would be fleeing for their lives from the oncoming armies of … Continue reading

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10 Texas Trivia Tidbits

Happy Texas Independence Day! On March 2, 1836, a small group of men meeting at Washington-on-the-Brazos declared the independent Republic of Texas, breaking away from Mexico. While there’s nothing trivial about the Lone Star State, our history is packed with … Continue reading

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Texas Tales — Tall but True

The final episode of the mini-series Texas Rising, with its “interesting” re-writing of parts of the central canon of Texas history, airs tonight. I’m considering a drinking game based off on noted errors and historical inaccuracies — but I’m not sure … Continue reading

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