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World Sketchnote Day 2019!

Grab your pencils, pens and sharpies & join the Sketchnote Army for today’s worldwide celebration of taking — and sharing — visual notes. Mike Rohde, author of the Sketchnote Handbook  and Workbook, coined the term for the method of note-taking … Continue reading

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SXSWedu 2017 doodle-notes (Part 1)

It’s been a week since SXSWedu 2017 so it’s about time I post some of my doodle-notes from the 4 days in the Land of A-Ha’s! Monday Monday morning, as soon as I told my wife, “I’ll call you for … Continue reading

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SXSWedu 2026— Learning in the Future

Yes, we’re back to the future as forecast during Jane McGonigal‘s recent SXSWedu talk,  How to Think (and Learn) Like a Futurist. I’ve written quite a bit about about Jane before, and mentioned how excited I was to hear her speak … Continue reading

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SXSWedu 2016: 2 Angles on Storytelling

Storytelling powers our most engaging experiences — learning is just another example. Here are my doodles from a couple of SXSWedu 2016 sessions centering on storytelling, along with a few added notes. Creating Viral-Worthy Creative Classroom Content How can you create … Continue reading

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SuperBetter ’16 — Rule #7: Go for an Epic Win!

Gameful rule #7 in our series of  for getting SuperBetter I cannot adequately describe the elation I felt back in 2012 parking my old truck and walking in to meet my friend, James, for a beer. Shoulder surgery had left me completely unable to … Continue reading

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So SuperBetter ’16

So, I finally got around to reading SuperBetter, the latest book by games guru and futurist, Jane McGonigal. McGonigal launched SuperBetter, the free public game for improving personal resiliency, back in 2012, fresh on the heels of her 2011 best-selling book, … Continue reading

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“Learning to Fail with Style & Grace” — SXSWedu 2015

Previously, I shared my sketchnote from this session at the 2015 SXSWedu conference. Here’s a bit of an explanation to guide you through that sketchnote. The session is also available as a podcast if you want to listen along. In our … Continue reading

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The Land of A-Ha’s

I seek the Land of A-Ha’s: that mystical realm of realizations, revelations and epiphanies where what you don’t know meets and mingles with what you what you do. Austin enjoys a reawakening of creativity every March, affording 2 opportunities for … Continue reading

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