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The Little Wedding That Was

Happy Anniversary to us! 31 years ago today, Sara & I got married. I’ve written a bit about the story of how we met and married quickly, and recently, I shared another version of some surrounding events written by Joanie … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary — 30 Years & Counting

Sara & I got married 30 years ago today! David Siskind, the fellow who married us, opened the short ceremony with the comment that he and his wife had recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with hopes that we, too, … Continue reading

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Happy 27th Anniversary!

January 7, 1990, I married the love of my life, Sara — whom I had just met 6 weeks previously. But you’ve already read about that. One of the worst aspects of a winter wedding: an anniversary that is frequently frozen … Continue reading

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Once upon a fairy-tale wedding

First of 3 posts about our recent trip to England “We can’t go.” Our friends James & Kara had invited us to their wedding — in an English castle, no less, near James’ hometown of Chester. But our finances basically forbid … Continue reading

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“…Ever After…”

Concluding our Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast Romance in 3 Acts Pity the poor person having to knock on our door at the Curtis House the morning after our wedding. The knock on our door startled us out of our post-nuptial bliss. We hardly expected visitors, so … Continue reading

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At Long Last (6 weeks): Our Wedding

Act 3, Part 5 — we arrive at the Big Event… Sara entered the room, resplendent in her gown, wowing the crowd and me, as well, as I catch my first glimpse of her beautiful dress. But Sara misses seeing … Continue reading

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“Not today.”

We resume our love story the following morning, Saturday… The next morning, Joanie, who had spent the night in a nearby hotel, called, unrested and restless, checking on us and how the night had gone. Somehow, she believed helping us get together should allow … Continue reading

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Wise Decision by Nora Dell Massey

Happy Anniversary to my parents, Dell & Leonard Buller! They’ve been gone several years now, but their love lives on in both me and my brother and our families. The way I heard it, Dad’s proposal went something like this: “Why don’t we … Continue reading

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