Will T. Massey

Will T. MasseyWill T. Massey is an amazing singer-songwriter. He is also my cousin and he struggles with schizophrenia.

I have written many posts about Will through the years, including this piece about the last time I saw Will in December 2016. Though he has disappeared back into the woodwork, his powerful and intensely personal songs remain.

Here are the various songs of Will’s that I have posted to the blog with transcribed lyrics and video and/or audio recordings. The songs cover a lot of territory, from his earliest independent cassette releases to his later songs, both released and unreleased.

Early songs from Will T. Massey include tunes from Pickin’, Poker, and Pick-Up Trucks, Kickin’ Up Dust, and Slow Study, released before he signed with MCA and the well-known eponymous first album, Will T. Massey. Several songs listed here were previously unreleased.

Pickin’, Poker, and Pick-Up Trucks

Kickin’ Up Dust

Slow Study

Chicago House “Slow Study” CD release party — 9-9-89

Will T. Massey (MCA)

Post-MCA material

Will’s other songs that I have posted come from much later, spanning his recordings and performances from 2005-2016. Some of theses songs appear on albums released during that time: Letters in the Wind, Wayward Lady USA, and The Weathering. Several of these are previously unreleased, or only released in limited editions.

Letters in the Wind

Wayward Lady, U.S.A.

Private CD prerelease


The Weathering

Live recording

Soundcloud account

Incomplete/incorrect lyrics

I will continue to add to this list on a regular basis, as I want to make sure that Will’s amazing legacy of song does not fade away.

Me & Will T. Massey, photo by Valerie Fremin

Me & Will T. Massey