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75 Ways to Break Writer’s Block — Words & Phrases

I’ve hit a slump recently in the frequency of blog posts here. I’d love to claim I’m busy, but in truth, it’s just typical writer’s block and laziness. While stuck sometimes, I wonder how to break through and I get … Continue reading

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“Weird Again” — Lyrics & Music of Will T. Massey

First in an intermittent series of posts featuring the lyrics of Will T. Massey. This one comes from his 2016 release, The Weathering (available on iTunes). Weird Again I was seeing things when I was young — Ghosts & evil … Continue reading

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Once Upon a House (6)…Home at Last

Then along came Sara. Sara moved in with me while I was still living in my longtime bachelor house on Christopher Street. My roommate at the time, Bob, took Sara’s arrival in my life and our house in stride, amused … Continue reading

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Once Upon a House (5)…Austin again

I headed to back Austin after working another month in the sheet metal shop, this time intent on settling down. My buddy, Derek, was leaving town, so I moved into his place off W. 6th, and then house-sat for my … Continue reading

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Once Upon a House (4)…Crash landing 1977

One thing I learned on my first road trip west: to make a real difference, to really contribute to the community, you needed to set down some sort of roots. I couldn’t do that in my brief visits to Aspen … Continue reading

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Once Upon a House (3)…Ramblin’

A quick note about the delay since the last post here… Time is elastic, especially in memory. Some seasons and years in our life pass by quickly but are so filled with vivid sensations and experiences, they grow outsized in … Continue reading

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Buller…Alan Buller: Instructional Hit Man

While the official title for my contract work usually lists Instructional Designer, over the last several years, my role has evolved into more of an Instructional Hit Man. As such, I’m often called in to eliminate a particularly sticky or … Continue reading

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