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Johnny Got His Gun

Johnny Got His Gun — Dalton Trumbo This book further radicalized my reaction to the ongoing horrors of the overseas war. When they released a movie version movie I don’t know whether I’m alive and dreaming or dead and remembering…Inside … Continue reading

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Kent State Massacre — 50 Years Later

13 seconds. 67 shots. 4 dead. 9 wounded. “They were shot as they rallied for what they believed in, exercising their rights as Americans. The shots shocked the world.” Those stark figures that cannot convey the shock 50 years ago … Continue reading

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Sept. 21 — World Peace Day

Let there be Peace on Earth — and let it begin with me. Today, we celebrate World Peace Day, first observed in 1982 as a day for dediacting ourselves to world peace. With this year’s Day of Peace falling on … Continue reading

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for Paris and Beirut and Kenya…for all of us

My heart is heavy again with the senseless violence we have witnessed this past week. For solace, I turn to my joy — music — and specifically, I often listen to this piece of “musical medicine” from David Wilcox at times like … Continue reading

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