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Farewell 2016!

The end of any year automatically prompts reflection. With the deaths of so many well-known and beloved musicians, movie stars, and celebrities in 2016, many of us look forward to the coming of the New Year with great anticipation — while still trying … Continue reading

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December 17: A Most Auspicious Day

December 17 is one of favorite days since 2 of my favorite people share this birthday: my brother Scott (65 today) and our Granny (gone). Allow me to share some memories & comments I posted elsewhere on this date 5 … Continue reading

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9 Creative Mornings Doodles from 2016

As I’ve told you before: I can’t draw, so I doodle. Here then are my doodle-notes from the Creative Mornings Austin meetings I managed to make in 2016. Along with the doodles, I’ve also listed the speaker, the location, that morning’s musical performer, … Continue reading

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East Texas Weather Report — December 1897

G.M.C. Massey, my grandfather, provides this winter weather warning: don’t forget your shoes. Another thing that demands attention at this time is a freak weather action. Along in December 1897 the weather had been very warm and murky for several … Continue reading

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3 from the Heart

My wife & I love movies, and we just discovered another romantic comedy on Netflix we found enchanting. Here’s a look at that one and a couple of other favorites from that genre for your potential Saturday viewing. Enjoy! Man … Continue reading

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