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Casa Dexter Moves to Main Street

“What’s Casa Dexter?” people ask me after seeing my name tag. That question has two responses: a) Professional response: “A digital publishing house.” b) Comic response: “My house.” Both answers are true, though b) used to be “truer.” See, Casa Dexter … Continue reading

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Another Mindful Monday

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50 Years of the Who

Today marks 50 years since the first time I saw the Who in concert. It was a triple bill and truthfully, I didn’t really go to see the Who. I went to see the headliner, Herman’s Hermits, my favorite band … Continue reading

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“Only a River Gonna Make Things Right…”

Walking alongside a river, large or small, always revitalizes me in mind, body, and spirit. The water restores my soul, the walking invigorates my body, and I swear sometimes, I can smell life-giving vapors rising off the surface to saturate … Continue reading

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Two Minds

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Cars, Houses, Healthcare, and Horses circa 1900

Guest blogger G.M.C. Massey, my grandfather, grants us a great gift with these short scraps from his memoir manuscripts: the ability to look into the past and experience how his life was lived around the turn of the 20th Century … Continue reading

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Casa Dexter: Little Home of Big Ideas

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4th of July circa late 1800’s, E. Texas

Once again, our guest blogger, my grandfather, G.M.C. Massey, supplies us with memories of by-gone days in rural East Texas in the late 1800’s: this time, a holiday remembrance. We, on the farm, looked to the Fourth of July as … Continue reading

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Happy 4th of July!

Celebrate our country’s birthday with some American tunes today! The obvious starting point is our national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner” — except that the tune itself is so difficult to sing that only rarely do we hear an outstanding live … Continue reading

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The Joy of Laughing for No Reason

I love to laugh. I love to hear people laugh. I love making people laugh. Me & laughter go a long way back, from classroom wisecracks to high school humor columns to comedy videos. Laughter generally even works its way … Continue reading

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