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Welcome Back, ACL Fest 2016

The theme from Star Wars came rolling up the hill today from Zilker Park, announcing the opening day of the first weekend of the Austin City Limits Music Festival for its 15th year! Let the fun begin! Austin’s Minor Mishap … Continue reading

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Return to the Scene of the Time

I am at the front door, the text read. Go in & relax–we’re at Farmer’s Mrkt I responded. I had figured Albert was being overly optimistic when he said he’d arrive by 10:30. I figured noon at the earliest, given traffic between here & there but … Continue reading

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Pity Poor Howard, Trapped in a World He Never Made

Howard the Duck, of course, in case the tag-line in the title did not clue you in. A wise-cracking humanoid duck from another planet, Howard first burst on the Marvel comic book scene as a side character in a 1973 issue … Continue reading

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Pie Fights on the Psych Ward

Nothing quite like a good old-fashioned pie fight to relieve tension. The first time I put a pie in somebody’s face, it was my my brother’s friend and roommate, Neil. He got it during his first appearance as head of … Continue reading

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SXSW — Music, music everywhere…

I spent most of a week chasing music around the edges — and sometimes the beastly middle — of SXSW, with old friends in from out of town. Usually, having gotten my dose of inspiration and exhaustion during SXSWedu, I avoid the … Continue reading

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Surviving SXSW and Finding JOMO

Flip FOMO — the Fear of Missing Out — and you get JOMO — the Joy of Missing Out. That’s the best approach to the glitter-lined black hole that is the fun vortex of SXSW, whatever part of it you jump … Continue reading

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SuperBetter ’16 — Rule #4: Seek Out and Complete Quests

Continuing our series on getting superbetter… So far I’ve talked about the first 3 gameful rules Jane McGonigal gives us for playing SuperBetter: Challenge yourself. Find and activate Power-ups. Identify and battle the Bad Guys. Rule #4 starts to put it all together … Continue reading

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