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Lights…Camera…the Return of Captain Video!

Have you heard about the New Rage, video? Whether you need branding, marketing or training, video offers everything you need. Or at least, everyone seems to be offering video advice in one way or another. I recently caught a webinar cleverly titled, … Continue reading

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Carpe Corpus Callosum!

Everybody’s heard about your 2 brains: The left brain is the logical accountant. The right brain is the creative painter. You can even find online tests — from a single image of a spinning dancer to a “quiz” of sorts … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Storyteller

Leslie Perry was a professional storyteller. I did not know Leslie Perry. I did not know about Leslie Perry until after he died. In fact, I only “met” him when I saw his obituary. Well, I know a rabbit-hole when … Continue reading

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My Favorite “Secret” Bookstore

I love books. And I love bookstores. One of my all-time favorite bookstores remains a hidden treasure: the SXSW Bookstore. The SXSW Bookstore is a candy store for the creative mind that only pops up once a year on the … Continue reading

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