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Aging Ever Onward

Once upon a birthday, Granny sent me an oversized card that read on the front: “It’s your birthday, so you’re a little older!” Inside, it added: “SO WHAT! So is everybody else!” Thanks, Granny. Welcome to the real world where … Continue reading

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“Mike’s dead.” The phrase echoed down to the depths of my soul, not just when I first heard the news, but every time I heard it and every time I had to say those words, breaking the bitter news to … Continue reading

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Still Here — Still Aging

Granny sent me this birthday card once: It’s your birthday — so, you’re a little older…      (inside) SO WHAT?! So’s everybody else! Still one of my favorites… Tomorrow, September 24, is my birthday — I will celebrate turning … Continue reading

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An Amateur Looks at Aging

“The trouble is: You think you have time.” —Jack Cornfield, Buddha’s Little Instruction Booklet I’ve become interested in several topics related to aging lately because I happen to be aging myself  — you are, too! I am an amateur at … Continue reading

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Older & Wiser & Happier

Some quick links for your weekend reading, all about aging — an experience we can all share in, some of us more so than other. With luck, you, too, can reap the benefits of growing older. Here’s how that’s going to … Continue reading

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