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Greek Theater Berkeley — “I Need a Miracle Every Day!”

Part 5 of a brief recounting of parts of my personal long strange trip to the Grateful Dead’s 50th Anniversary “Fare Thee Well” shows in Chicago, July 3-5 “Fuck you, Albert! Fuck you!” I slammed the phone down. Albert had called … Continue reading

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Red Rocks in the 80s “…at least I’m enjoying the ride…”

4th in the series about my road to the Grateful Dead’s 50th Anniversary “Fare Thee Well” shows “I’m freaking out, man” Albert said, “We still don’t have the tickets.” It was the Friday before Labor Day and the Red Rocks shows … Continue reading

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Texas Dead, 1981-1985: “…1 in 10,000 come for the show…”

Part 3 of my reminiscences from my road to the Grateful Dead “Fare Thee Well” shows The full-page ad said it all: the Grateful Dead were coming back to Austin! Maybe the Dead heard the pleas of all the the Texas Deadheads … Continue reading

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1980: “I’m gonna go for it, that’s for sure!”

Second in a series of flashbacks leading up to the GD50 “Fare Thee Well” shows… “Man —these shows are gonna be great! Too bad we can’t go.” I’d just gotten in from work and my roommate, Jeff’s, band had just finished practice. A … Continue reading

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“The bus came by and I got on — that’s when it all began…”

First in a series recounting my personal road to the Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary (GD50) “Fare Thee Well” shows… “You’re 10 minutes late,” Derek said as he picked me up that Saturday night in fall 1972. A college freshman, I was … Continue reading

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Memory Snapshots of my Dad

On this Father’s Day, I think of my father, Leonard Buller, gone 20 years now but still here with me in so many ways. My mind’s eye holds memories like snapshots — here’s a few: Nov. 1957 This earliest visual memory is … Continue reading

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Weekend Web Wanderings

Here’s some weekend reading for you —  enjoy the links and we’ll see you soon! Paradise ignored as 2 idealists attempt to echo the 19th-century utopian Harmonists…read how Michael Colby and Donald Graves became the Zinzendorfs, curators of the Mahantongo Heritage Center. Raise a glass … Continue reading

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Doodle(d) & Release(d)

I lost my doodle sketchbook last week. You know how I love to doodle — I create sketchnotes of various presentations I attend, and sometimes share those via either this Back Porch blog here, or Twitter. When I finally found a perfect pocket-sized sketchbook I could … Continue reading

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Texas Tales — Tall but True

The final episode of the mini-series Texas Rising, with its “interesting” re-writing of parts of the central canon of Texas history, airs tonight. I’m considering a drinking game based off on noted errors and historical inaccuracies — but I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Brutus Goes to Big Bend

“You know your dog’s not allowed on any of the back trails?” said the man on horseback, as he and another rider clip-clopped up the trail past me and Brutus. Great, I remember thinking. After driving hundreds of miles to get to Big … Continue reading

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