Songs of Will T. Massey — “You Take the Town”

Will T. Massey (1991) debut albumAnother instant classic from Will’s 1991 MCA album, a heartfelt song about a common human experience: heartbreak. In introducing the song many years — and more than a few heartbreaks — later, Will dedicated it to fellow heartbroken lovers:

“This is for anyone who’s ever had their heart taken out and stomped on for awhile.”

You take the television and the records, too.
You take your decision that I’m just too blue.
Keep walking, keep talking
To our friends about it.
Your deception, their perception —
I will not cloud it.

I won’t compete.
When word gets around.
I’ll take the heat —
You take the town.

Put on your low red dress, put up your hair
Put on your loneliness with a fashionable flair.
And hit the old haunts,
If anyone wants to know my business
Just tell them all I left for good
So you could face the next fool to fall.

I won’t compete.
I won’t be around.
I’ll take the streets —
You take the town.

Objects in my rear view,
They appear closer than they are.
And my heart is the same way, too —
I will hold you from afar.
I miss you.
I wish you the company of someone else.
I ain’t above you,
But I love you
Less than you love yourself.

I won’t compete.
I won’t bow down.
I’ll take defeat —
You take the town.

You take the town.

with Richard Bowden on fiddle

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