Farewell 2016!

The end of any year automatically prompts reflection. With the deaths of so many well-known and beloved musicians, movie stars, and celebrities in 2016, many of us look forward to the coming of the New Year with great anticipation — while still trying to safely squeak out of the final few hours of this one.

Here are a few links looking back as the year winds wearily down in these last few hours.

Somebody made a movie trailer for the year — as a horror story, complete with a totally terrifying tag line.

“Do you think this is over…?” 

In addition to all the well-known people we lost this year, of course, many other people — mostly unknown to most of us except close friends and family — died this year as well. And while we may not know all of the dearly departed, many of those people contributed to our lives in many ways: here’s a few unsung heroes we lost this year.

Years ago, when the first close friend in our circle died unexpectedly. We were all in our early 20s, so another friend’s father gave him a sad piece of insight. “The longer you live, the more often you will have to hear that terrible news that a friend has died.”

True enough, but it seems this year we have certainly heard that terrible news much too often. No wonder so many of us are excited to exit the year alive.

Still, 2016 has not been a complete disaster. Like any year, there were also a number of good things that happened this year. Since those tend to be easy to forget (if we even knew about them at the time!), here’s a quick look at some of those.

Want even more reasons to reflect positively on 2016? Well, here are 99 more things that were good in 2016.

Every year has its ups and downs — 2016 is about to have it’s final move: the “over” part of the show. Let’s get ready for 2017!






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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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