We Interrupt This Isolation for…

…a quick, unexpected visit from my old friend, Bob Monahan, and his wife, Sally. I was siting alone in the house (well, Sara was in the other room) when I get a message from Bob that he’s out at the White Water Bar & Grill on the western edge of town by the Gorge, wondering if I can join them for a beer or two.

Now, I haven’t been going out in public much at all during the current COVID crisis. I walk the dog daily. I’ve only been to my office 3 times in the last 3 and a half months. A weekly farmer’s market recently opened up on Main Street a few blocks away and I went to that but it was disturbing to me that while the vendors all observed proper safety precautions, most people attending wore no masks and made little attempt at social distancing, so I haven’t been back yet.

But I’ve known Bob for over 30 years. We worked together in the old days of the Brown Schools, back before we shift focus to head injury rehabilitation. We had only recently reconnected after a gap of many years and I only saw him once back in Austin before we left. Bob being a old-school East Coast Deadhead from the Way-Back days of the 70s, I convinced him to come out to a DeadEye show and we had a great time at that show.

I did know they had moved to Colorado, but they moved to Cortez, over 5 and half hours west of here, down near Mesa Verde, so we hadn’t seen them since they got here. Getting this text out of the blue was a wonderful surprise. And well worth breaking my self-imposed social isolation — briefly.

I masked up (thank you, Sara, for making me such a great mask) and drove out of town on the same route as the un-commute I used to make taking Lucas out to work at the bridge. I figured on wearing the mask to move through the crowded inside area, but Bob said they were outside in the back with plenty of room, and sure enough, we could safely distance there and drop the masks.

Anytime you get to visit with an old friend is a grand occasion.  When it’s someone you haven’t seen but once in over 20 years, it’s all the sweeter. It’s still gonna be a while before I am fully comfortable out in public places. Recent re-openings that have lead to record spikes in new cases in places like Florida and Texas demonstrate the dangers of moving too fast. Thanks — think I’ll take it slowly for now.

Sally & Bob Monahan & me at White Water Bar & Grill

Right after this quick — and safe! — break for beer and BBQ nachos with Bob and Sally!

About bullersbackporch

I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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