Songs of Will T. Massey — “Waltz Across My Mind”

Will T. Massey "Kickin' Up Dust" cover

This song was co-written with Mark Luke Daniels, another Chicago House favorite, along with “Fading Away Like My Jeans. Mark  — now Dr. Mark Daniels, UT math professor — included his versions of the two songs on his own 1989 CD, Shadow of a Doubt.

Featured on his 1989 cassette release, Kickin’ Up Dust, this one clearly showcases Will’s country roots. Will left this song behind, along with many others along the way, as his music developed.

In my opinion, this is one of Will’s early songs that could be a hit for any number of country performers.

A table for one, the music’s for two,
Couples are dancing like we used to do.
They’re smiling and turning me
Back through the years,
A fiddle is crying
I’m fighting the tears.

The memories shuffle in time
While you waltz across my mind.

There sits a young girl just eyeing the floor.
There’s only glass at her table and I’m sure
That she’d be my partner
The whole night through.
But I’ve had the best
And the rest just won’t do.

Those memories shuffle in time
While you waltz across my mind.

You waltz with me, waltz with me, 
Just one more time.
The world out there’s nothing — you’re my reason, my rhyme.
You whisper so sweetly you’ll always be mine —
While you waltz across my mind…
Darling, we’re waltzing all of the time.

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