Adjusting to Semi-Suspended Animation

Update on my back troubles…

6 weeks ago, everything changed suddenly when I found myself stricken with severe sciatic pain shooting down from my hip to my thigh. Since then, I’ve been mostly incapacitated. My mobility remains seriously compromised while we await the next step in this medical journey, an initial consultation with a specialist at a spinal center, September 14.

Sometimes, it feels more like slow-moving medieval quest.

Meanwhile, my life slides along in a state of semi-suspended animation. Mostly, my day-to-day life consists of symptom management. Mostly, that means ongoing monitoring of my pain relief regimen.

And that means settling more fully into my homemade “hospital suite.”

Welcome to my world. I’ve got all the comforts of home — easily within reach: “work” table (with chair), and “bedroom”  (floor pad with a moveable pile of pillows). This scene comprises 80% of my current daily life.

I’ve also been dealing with several related issues, such as constipation (both from  the injury and the medications) as well as trying to juggle episodes of napping with restlessness to catch enough sleep

Of greatest concern currently is my blood pressure. Though I’ve never experienced any prior health issues due to elevated  blood pressure problems, I’m currently getting blood pressure readings that might delay any surgery. That is, they probably would refuse to preform surgery on me at this point until we can get that blood pressure down. Working on by upping my blood pressure pills but we might need additional interventions.

Meanwhile, my most recent visit to my local practitioner yielded a referral to a local pain management clinic next week. Maybe they can provide some additional relief of the ongoing pain before that spinal specialist appointment in 4 weeks.

Another half-step on the long road to eventual recovery. Wish me luck!


About bullersbackporch

I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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2 Responses to Adjusting to Semi-Suspended Animation

  1. Suzanne says:

    I’m not sure what meds your taking but Calm Magnesium is a powder that you can mix with water which has really helped me and this tea called Smooth Move might help with the constipation. Also, good old milk of magnesia and stool softeners. I’m so sorry you’re in pain.

  2. Sheryl says:

    Hi, Allen

    I am happy to see a new blog and that you have a treatment plan. I wanted to contact you when I discovered it and read posts of intimately familiar friends, and while I debated that, your blogs ended. I know that pain is unbearable.

    I am incredibly sorry for the loss of your friends; we were all in Austin when Mike Eddie died; it was a shock to hear Duane died too young and wondered what happened, and hard to see Mike MacNaughton died; 66 is too young.

    I remember MacNaughton’s film assignment called “Running for Office.” One scene was on the street in front of Thistle with me driving Mike’s car while he filmed Duane running; it was cool because a little blond-haired toddler who lived next door took off after Duane running. There was a later scene out in the boonies with Duane’s Ford Torina rigged with lights, and I had a sheriff’s shirt and hat to come up behind Duane over a rise in the road. While waiting for that take to set up for filming, a Travis County sheriff pulled up next to the car and asked what I was doing impersonating a police officer. I was scared; I told him we were making a film for a UT class assignment and setting up for that next shot. I then asked if he would like to take my part; he declined and drove off, smiling, and told me to keep the car between the ditches.

    Since the Thistle days, I recall some things you told me that I always remembered. When there is history, there is also herstory, and somewhere within lies the truth. I would have done everything differently if I had known what I had learned since.

    I have more to say, but not now. I pray you have a healthy and pain-free resolution. Finding your blog when I did with what I was processing at the time is bittersweet, heartwarming, timely, and heart-wrenching.

    I believe Duane lived in TC Jester his Freshman year; I lived in the Castilian until I moved to Thistle. That year, Duane created a cassette tape soap opera and sent it to me while I was in the Chicago suburbs. He announced the name at the beginning: Episode ## of “Where the Search for All My Heart Edges and Many Other Splendid Storms, the Children Brightly Promise Love Loves They May Go to the Hospital For.” I recall that verbatim 48 years later. He was very creative and had issues. There was a poem he sent I never entirely understood, but leave that for now.

    Finding your blog came at a strange time in my life; my dad died on 18 October 2021, and my mom died on 23 May 2022; cleaning out the house, I found pictures and notes depicting those days and other finds that cannot be a coincidence. Deeper genealogy research led me to your blog. The Universe has a plan, and there is something to resolve.

    Reading your Duane and Mike blogs reignited memories, I laughed so hard, and others made me sob to my toenails. I wish there was a do-over option in life.

    Take care, love to you and your family, and wish you a pain-free recovery.

    More to come if you like.

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