Songs of Will T. Massey — “I’ve Been Called” *

italicized words are my “best guess”

Since my cousin, Will T. Massey, slipped back into the shadows of schizophrenia in 2016, I’ve been sharing his music here, including lyrics.

Will T. Massey

That has not always been an easy task. Will weaves incredible images and sometimes the words intertwine together in unusual phrasings and can get tangled in the listener’s ears.

At least to my ears, some of the lines remain evocative but unclear despite how often I have heard these songs.

Given how central lyrics are to Will’s music — I have hesitated to post songs when I’m not sure of the words. But so many of the songs I skipped so far are simply too good not to include it in this ongoing compilation. I will mark these songs with an asterisk (*) to indicate the lyrics are incomplete/incorrect.

Please feel free to correct, add your interpretation, or fill in the blank in the comments.

A lightning bolt through the roof of my childhood room.
Said “Take that guitar and raise your voice to the moon.”
It was louder than my father,
Sweeter than my mother’s kiss,
It said, “You’re chosen for some songs,
There’ll be some things you miss.”

I’ve been called to tune my guitar
In knots with broken strings,
I’ve been called to make a soul soup
From what the roadside brings.
I’ve been called to write in blood
My heart in love and brawls,
To bring my spirit a little faux paus,
That poor tip jar,
I’ve been called.

I knew you before, I knew you in my drive
To sing for my heart that’s glad to be alive.
My Daddy says I’m part of
Your waters to a starboard shore
We’re finding what a little destiny is for

I’ve been called to court you baby
I’ve been called to lay you down.
I’ve been called to take you
From this show pony town.
I’ve been called to call you baby
To the edge of where we’re from
In love & life together — I’d better,
I’ve been called.

There’s nothing simple ’bout me
But I’m listening to destiny.
I can’t hear what you’re called to do
But I’ll help you to be true.

I’ve been called to take the streets
In an email campaign.
I’ve been called to write for peace,
I’ve been called to work the same.
I’ve been called to see my life
Spinning dreams around it all.
To live me in an answer,
Like a dancer I’ve been called.

Will T. Massey with the Truett Band:
Dave Ducharme-Jones, Richard Bowden, Jeff Joiner, and Ram Zimmerman

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I am a native Austinite, a high-tech Luddite, lover of music, movies and stories and a born trainer-explainer.
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2 Responses to Songs of Will T. Massey — “I’ve Been Called” *

  1. Tom Breiding says:

    Last I heard from you Will’s whereabouts were unknown. Is that still the case? I was not close to him but shared an amazing day of music with him in Austin with his photographer friend whose name I’ve forgotten. They were so kind to us inviting my friend and me to their home near the Continental Club. I know he is not well but I would be happy to know he is being taken care of. Thank you. Sincerely, Tom Breiding

    • Unfortunately, Will remains completely incommunicado. BTW: that photographer would’ve been Valerie, who was key to Will staying on track for so long. I will definitely share any word from/about Will here as well as more songs

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