Songs of Will T. Massey — “That Isn’t Me Any More”

Will T. Massey — "The Weathering"Will has always been about writing the next song and moving on. He is forever facing the future while leaving behind him a long trail of songs, music, and memories.

Included on Will’s 2016 release, The Weathering, this song describes Will’s reaction to running into old friends he’d grown up around who had not seen him in years.

Thanks to his various CD releases as well as multiple live recordings, we have a living legacy of Will’s songs spanning his many years of songwriting.

I saw some old friends the other day —
I didn’t know what to say.
They were looking at me
Just like it was years before.

They were laughing & reminiscing,
But my old two cent’s worth was missing…
They couldn’t see —
That isn’t me any more.

Those old loved them & left them lines,
Like “How ya been keeping yourself?”  — “Oh, I’ve been keeping time”
Kept me way too aware
Of the style and the smile I wore.

I’m off the wagon,
But I wasn’t drinking.
They were toasting to ships that are sinking…
Those old used-t0-be’s —
That isn’t me any more.

Our souvenirs
Will landmark the years
Peacefully sleeping beneath
A blanket of dust
They’re dreaming of us
And what we will be.

So, you can say that you knew me when —
But you ought to get to know me again.
Let’s make some new memories —
That isn’t me any more.

Let’s make some new memories —
That isn’t me any more.

Will T. Massey live @ Flipnotics w Dave Ducharme-Jones

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