SXSWedu 2019 — Doodle-notes, part 2

More of my doodle-notes from this year’s Land of A-Ha’s — SXSWedu — complete with audio recordings if you want to follow along in the notes.

Future of College Admissions? Storytelling

Reeta Gupta


As colleges move past dependence on standardized testing (SAT/ACT) for admissions decisions, students must find a way to present the entirety of their experience from school to work to play.

CirkledIn wants to become the platform for student sharing of profile and portfolio, similar to how LinkedIn works for professionals.



Workspace Education & Community Microschools

Cath Fraise
Workspace Education


Combining a co-working space with support for co-working parents of home-schooled children creates co-learning communities.


The Augmented Learner: Automating Human Inquiry

Eric Hawkinson
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies


With the advent of mixed augmented/virtual reality (MAVR) as a learning medium of choice, various psychological, ethical, and legal issues must be addressed.

This session shared some of the points under discussion as we implement MAVR as a pervasive technology.


Preparing Students for a New Learning Economy

José Antonio Bowen
Goucher College, author of “Teaching Naked

Once, knowledge was scarce.
Now it is abundant — but less reliable.

With a growing emphasis on self-regulated learning, teachers and professors must embrace the newer role of Cognitive Coach.


Open Standards & the Quantification of Learning

Wayne Skipper
Concentric Sky

Another session addressing the issue of data interoperability.

This session described how Open Badges, Open Pathways, and Competency Frameworks can not only create a common language for learning but could lead to predictive personalized learning delivered “just-in-time” for learners.


Follow along with the recorded audio and enjoy the doodle-notes.

Hope you learn something, or maybe just have the “A-Ha” experience of having something you already knew confirmed, maybe combined with a new thought.

That’s why I call SXSWedu the Land of A-Ha’s. See you there next March 9-12!

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